Hurricane Electric Hosts Security Seminar
Fremont, California - March 24, 2005 - Hurricane Electric, a leading Technical Service Provider, will host "Linux Security for Beginners," an informative security seminar targeted at Linux newbies. The seminar, being held on April 30, 2005, follows five successful seminars hosted by Hurricane Electric on business and technology topics.

"Many people consider Linux to be more securable than Windows, given a little time, effort, and attention. But what if you're completely new to Linux and to Unix-like operating systems in general? Making sense of file permissions, setuid-bits, chroot jails, etc. can be intimidating, but 'Linux Security for Beginners' will help," said Michael D. ("Mick") Bauer, seminar speaker.

Mick Bauer, Security Editor of Linux Journal Magazine and author of O'Reilly book Linux Server Security, 2nd Ed, will return to Hurricane Electric after two years to lead another comprehensive Linux security seminar. Because "Linux Security for Beginners" is designed for Linux newbies, it will start from ground zero in explaining and demonstrating how to use Linux's powerful and flexible security features. The seminar will first cover the fundamentals of user/group properties, basic file-permissions, and simple system administration commands. Participants will then be lead through important "system hardening" tasks, including how to disable unnecessary system services, how to leverage common application security features, how to manage system logs, how to create an encrypted "loopback" file system, and how to use automated tools for system hardening and for post-hardening security scanning.

"Hurricane Electric is always up to date with the latest in server security," said Mike Leber, Hurricane Electric president. "And, we want to make sure our clients are as well by offering them the ability to learn the tools they need to secure their server against any sort of attack or breach. We are happy to welcome Mick Bauer back for another outstanding security seminar."

Seminar attendees will receive a free month of colocation at Hurricane Electric's Fremont facility for their participation in the seminar. They will also receive a free copy of Mick Bauer's latest book, Linux Server Security, 2nd Ed and the current editions of the Linux Journal Magazine.

"Linux Security for Beginners" will be held on Saturday, April 30, 2005, in Fremont, CA, between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided by Hurricane Electric. The cost of the seminar is $199. Space is limited, so register early. To register for "Linux Security for Beginners," complete the form located at or call 510-580-4141.

Existing Hurricane Electric customers will receive a 50% discount on the seminar. Discounted group rates are also available.

About Hurricane Electric
Hurricane Electric is a Business TSP (Technical Service Provider) specializing in Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Direct Internet Connections, and Web Hosting. Hurricane Electric operates its own global network, running multiple OC48s and Gigabit Ethernet. Check out to find out more information about Hurricane Electric.

About the Presenter
Michael D. ("Mick") Bauer is Security Editor of Linux Journal, and by day works as Network Security Architect for one of the largest banks in the U.S. He is the author of O'Reilly book "Linux Server Security, 2nd Ed," formally titled "Building Secure Servers With Linux." Mick is an experienced and energetic instructor whose speaking engagements have included Def Con (twice), the Computer Security Institute's Annual Conference, and the Linux Lunacy 03 educational cruise.

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