Hurricane Electric Testimonials
"I wanted to compliment you on your great support. I called the number on the front page of your website this afternoon, and a real human answered. If that wasn't surprising enough, he didn't forward me to voice jail, but answered my questions knowledgeably. I heard him tapping away at a keyboard, so I knew he was really looking for an answer, not just rattling off a canned response.

It's such a rarity to get any kind of phone support, much less *good* phone support. You guys rock.


- Dirk Bergstrom

"Most of my clients and I use your hosting services, and they have proven trouble free. I had no problem telling one of your large competitors who called to woo me away from you that it was no contest."

- Susan, Cricket Press

"Every request and question that I have had has been dealt with in a timely manner, and with complete professionalism (even when I didn't know what the hell I was talking about). I have, and will HIGHLY recommend HURRICANE ELECTRIC to anyone needing a server."

- Mark E. Young, Firefox Productions

"You're hands down the best I've worked with and I tell everyone I can about HE. I'm a freelance Internet consultant and I rely heavily on the power and flexibility of your servers. In fact, I've set up several client servers with you in the last few months. I've gotten to the point where I am insisting that new clients sign up new (or move existing) domains with HE because of the good experiences I've had with your people in the last year or two."

- Andrew Jones, Jones Studios: Internet Consulting and Design

"I would like to complement you on your pleasant, helpful, and knowledgeable staff! When calling a hosting company (and the others I've dealt with are all three times the price you offer!), I have 1. never had the phone answered by a human, 2. never been able to get my full question out without being cut off with stupid comments or being transferred to another department and placed on hold for goodness knows how long, and 3. never had the first person I talked to be able to answer my questions in an intelligent manner (and without pushy sales tactics!). UNTIL NOW!!!!"

- LisaMarie Wright

"I have no idea how the entire process could have gone any easier for me. You guys/girls got us up and running in no time, with no headaches, and no confusion. With this being my first 'commercial' site, it was a breath of pure mountain air to talk to a real 'experienced' human being about the mysteries of meta-tag keywords, titles, and how the search engines might react to our pages."

- Dave Scharf

"I appreciate your excellent service. Really. It seems I have a few of your customers among my friends and colleagues, and I've found myself in conversations where I am not alone in recounting some tale of your customer service excellence or the reliability and general goodness of HE, and I thought you ought to know it."

- Mirjana

"Everyone we have dealt with at H.E.., has provided us with excellent service, every time! You all are doing a great job in partnering with your clients."

- Terry Feike, Web Hot! Marketing

"Thank you for your excellent service. I have worked with several hosting companies and the thing that upsets me most is slow responses. We live in internet time but most hosting services behave like once they get your credit card number speedy service is not necessary. I am impressed with the speed of your service/response. I have 4 more domains and will likly have them hosted by your company. And I must note that for the money I didn't expect this type of service.

Thank you"

- Susan

"I still can't get used to the techsupport people actually replying, and getting useful answers is just downright weird."

- Unknown

"I would like to say that Hurricane Electric has been by far the best server provider I have ever used. It is fast, reliable, and has all the options a hardcore computer nerd such as myself could desire. Not to mention VERY affordable. Keep up the good work! I tell all my fellow computer geek friends to use your service."

- Ben Chesley

"It's been nearly three years since I first opened my web site, and later this year will be my three-year anniversary with Hurricane Electric. While I have changed my theme and the site has undergone a major overhaul in the past year, I'm still happy with the continued excellent service you are providing. I've compared notes with dozens of other site owners, and I firmly believe I'm getting the absolute best service available, especially for the price. I can't even recall any service issues, because things have been so smooth.

In an industry of all-too-frequent disappointments, failures, and bad apples, you've been a steadfast source of satisfaction, and I appreciate it to the point of never having to worry about my web site. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to being the best!"

- Beverly White-Johnson,

"Since I have spent so much time criticizing my last web hosting company, I thought I would let you guys know how great your tools and web hosting servers are! I am coming from a web hosting company that not only had poor customer service, but RUDE service.... where the servers were horribly slow for 3 months straight, downtime was constant, and their online tools were poor, hard to use, and half of them broken.

Thank you for creating such a no-frills, easy to use, web hosting package, with simple tools that actually work. I love having the shell/sftp accounts, and the speeds are awesome."

- Nathan Affleck, Sunset Cliffs Animal Hospital