Hurricane Electric Makes Dramatic Upgrades to Hosting Plans
Fremont, California - August 30, 2004 - Hurricane Electric, a leading Technical Service Provider, announced today that it has upgraded its web hosting plans by dramatically increasing the amount of storage and traffic included without increasing the price.

"We were able to make a significant increase in the amount of storage and traffic included in our hosting plans while keeping our prices in tact. This gives our customers the opportunity to expand their web operations without increasing their costs," said Mike Leber, Hurricane Electric president.

Adding more value to an already economical option, Hurricane Electric has increased the amount of storage in its Enhanced Virtual Host five fold and has quadrupled the traffic allotment. The plan now includes 5 GB of disk storage and 100 GB of bandwidth for only $24.95 a month.

Every customer with the Professional Virtual Host, valued at $59.95 a month, will benefit from the upgrades with more than double the amount of storage, 12 GB of disk space compared to the former 5 GB, and quadruple the amount of traffic, 240 GB of bandwidth compared to the former 60 GB.

Offered at $299.95, the Enterprise Virtual Host, upgraded to included more than double the storage, from 25 GB of disk space to 60 GB, and quadruple the traffic, from 300 GB of bandwidth to 1200 GB, is a great plan for large businesses and websites that need a lot of storage and traffic.

Hurricane Electric's web hosting accounts offer unparalleled service and guarantees that every website will perform optimally. Employing the latest hardware, a self-healing global backbone, and a knowledgeable technical support staff 24/7, Hurricane Electric provides all of its clients with quality service and peace of mind.

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About Hurricane Electric
Hurricane Electric is a Business TSP (Technical Service Provider) specializing in Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Direct Internet Connections, and Web Hosting. Hurricane Electric operates its own global network, running multiple OC48s and Gigabit Ethernet. Check out to find out more information about Hurricane Electric.

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