Hurricane Electric Increases Cross-Country Connections
Fremont, California - May 8, 2003 - Hurricane Electric, a leading Technical Service Provider, announced today the addition of two cross-country circuits, adding supplemental capacity and more redundancy to their national network. Hurricane Electric increased their cross-country network with two OC48 (2.4 Gbps) circuits, replacing slower OC3 (155 Mbps) circuits, an increase in capacity by over 1500 percent.

"These faster circuits provide us with the ability to continue to grow, benefit our customers with better coast to coast throughput and eliminate the possibility of congestion during peak periods or surges in traffic," said Mike Leber, president of Hurricane Electric.

"This is a very exciting milestone for Hurricane Electric," added Leber.

The OC48 circuits connect equipment from NYIIX in New York, NY to Hurricane Electric San Jose, CA facility, and Equinix Ashburn, VA to PAIX in Palo Alto, CA.

The faster OC48 cross-country circuits augments Hurricane Electric's already abundant network comprised of connections ranging from gigE (1,000 Mbps) fiber rings in the Silicon Valley to cross-country OC48 circuits, which connect several major exchange points, such as PAIX (Palo Alto), AADS (Chicago), Equinix Ashburn (Ashburn), NYIIX (New York) and MAE West (San Jose).

Hurricane Electric has prided themselves on their self-healing network architecture, which virtually eliminates a single point of failure. While purchasing additional fiber connections into their facilities, they also negotiate with various backup transit providers and peer with hundreds of national and international carriers to maintain the shortest routes for sending their customer's data all over the world.

Established in 1994, Hurricane Electric expanded their network and their facilities in the last two years by opening a new colocation facility in Fremont, CA and acquiring Lightning Internet Services in New York in January 2002. Hurricane Electric now offers services in the New York, Chicago and Washington DC areas along with the Silicon Valley.

About Hurricane Electric
Hurricane Electric is a Business TSP (Technical Service Provider) specializing in Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Direct Internet Connections, and Web Hosting. Hurricane Electric operates its own national network, running Gigabit Ethernet and multiple OC48's. Check out to find out more information about Hurricane Electric.

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