Hurricane Electric Freshens Up for Spring Line
Fremont, California - March 25, 2002 - Hurricane Electric, a leading Technical Service Provider, announced the upgrade of their website,, today in a new campaign to promote their recent product enhancements.

The new website is yet another way for the profitable Hurricane Electric to assert that they are still growing tremendously through the downturn in the industry.

"When we created our first website, our customers loved the simplicity of it and were delighted with how easily they found information," said Mike Leber, president of Hurricane Electric. "But now, our services are evolving, more and more people are visiting our site on a daily basis to find the newest technology we have to offer and our identity needed to reflect that," he added.

With the recent product enhancements to Hurricane Electric's web hosting and colocation services, along with the addition of native IPv6 connections and professional services, they felt a fresh new look was warranted.

Hurricane Electric has added several new features to their website such as a News Center, where visitors can read up on the latest news about the company, along with a virtual tour of their Fremont, CA and San Jose, CA data centers. Visitors can also read up on the new IPv6 tunnel broker offered by Hurricane Electric, along with security monitoring, web hosting upgrades and even customer testimonials.

Another enhancement to Hurricane Electric is their new choices in operating systems for dedicated server clients. Customers can now choose between Linux, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris and Microsoft Windows 2000.

Of course, the website still boasts the great services that Hurricane Electric has always provided, such as web hosting, colocation, dedicated servers and direct connections. Buying any of these services is only a click away through our new direct order form and quote request.

About Hurricane Electric

Hurricane Electric is a Business TSP (Technical Service Provider) specializing in Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Direct Internet Connections, and Web Hosting. Hurricane Electric operates its own national network, running Gigabit Ethernet and multiple OC-3's. Check out to find out more information about Hurricane Electric.

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