Hurricane Electric Fights for Local Nonprofits
Fremont, California - June 25, 2002 - Hurricane Electric, a leading business Technical Service Provider, has offered to keep local nonprofits' virtual doors open amidst proposed cuts to social services by the City Council of Union City Tuesday.

"We know how important it is for nonprofits to have a website where volunteers, community members and people in need can find information," said Mike Leber, Hurricane Electric president. "We want to make sure that their online presence remains intact, even if there isn't enough funding in the city government."

Hurricane Electric, through their Community Outreach Program, has offered the 12 community groups in jeopardy free hosting for their websites for as long as they need it.

The 12 nonprofits in danger of having their funding cut in order for Union City to relieve itself of an $11 million debt, are the Tri-City Homeless Coalition, Bay Area Community Services, Filipinos for Affirmative Action, Housing Authority of Alameda County, International Institute of the East Bay, Life Elder Care, Shelter Against Violent Environments, Spectrum Community Services, St. Joseph's Center for the Deaf, Tri-City Children's Center, Tri-City Volunteers and the Union City Police Activities League.

With free hosting for their website, the 12 nonprofits can, at the least, cut some of their online operating expenses, which are usually the first to go after city funds are reduced. Through more expansive websites, nonprofits can also generate more revenue through online donations. For nonprofits located in the technology-driven Silicon Valley, a website is essential.

Hurricane Electric also donates web hosting to over 70 other nonprofits in the country. Recipients of charitable sites from Hurricane Electric have increased their revenue, their volunteer memberships and awareness in the community.

Volunteers of the House Rabbit Society, a nonprofit located in Richmond, CA with chapters all around the country, have seen a massive increase in volunteers and contributions from 23 different states, which allowed The Society to open a new Rabbit Center last year in Richmond, CA and increase their membership to 7000 strong.

"Our organization couldn't function without our website," said Paige Parsons, The House Rabbit Society's spokeswoman. "We are so happy to have space at Hurricane Electric. The site gives us so much more exposure."

"If we can make a difference by keeping a nonprofit from fading off the Internet, we have done our job as a business in this community," Leber added.

About Hurricane Electric
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