Hurricane Electric Protects Against Power Outages

Fremont, California - October 31, 2001 - Hurricane Electric, a leading Technical Service Provider, announced yesterday that they have added a new 16-cylinder generator to their Fremont facility to avert the possibility of downtime due to a power failure.

The new 2 Megawatt Caterpillar diesel generator, which replaces the original 340 Kilowatt generator and is large enough to power the entire city of Alameda, provides emergency power to the facility, in the event of utility or system outages.

Starting automatically and fueled from a 3000-gallon tank, the generator can power Hurricane Electric's facility indefinitely. Hurricane Electric has multiple refueling contracts to guarantee uninterrupted operation even during extended outages.

"I have always had a great experience hosting with Hurricane Electric. The new generator just validates the confidence I have that Hurricane Electric will keep my site up and running at all times," said Alex Hunter, Hurricane Electric client and president of Hunter and Associates E-business Consulting,

For further power protection, Hurricane Electric recently installed a second Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) into their Fremont facility that runs in parallel with the original UPS. American Power Conversion (APC), the manufacturer of Hurricane Electric's UPSs, executed a "hot swap" in the Fremont facility last month. A "hot swap" occurs when an additional UPS is brought online along with an existing "hot" UPS.

The UPSs provide Hurricane Electric's customers with emergency backup power in the interim between a utility outage and when the generator powers up. The UPSs also protect equipment from energy spikes and surges the public grid is subject to.

The generator, along with the UPSs, ensures that all the websites and servers hosted by Hurricane Electric will never be down due to power interruption.

Hurricane Electric has the generator started once a month and has a preventative maintenance contract to service the generator quarterly to minimize the off chance of a failure.

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