Hurricane Electric Expands Hosting Packages

Fremont, California - January 2, 2002 - Upon celebration of the New Year, Hurricane Electric, a leading Technical Service Provider, has upgraded their web hosting plans to include more storage space and increased traffic, along with a few other perks. "We wanted to give our existing and potential customers a new opportunity to expand their web operations in the New Year," said Mike Leber, president of Hurricane Electric. "So, we decided to improve our services while keeping our low rates intact."

Hurricane Electric has increased the storage and traffic allotment on their Basic Virtual Host, offered at $9.95 a month, to include 2.5 GB of bandwidth transfer and 25 MB of disk space, all while lowering the additional traffic charge to 5 cents/MB and the additional storage charge to $1/MB.

At increased savings, Hurricane Electric's Econo Virtual Host now offers 25 GB of traffic and 250 MB of storage for $24.95 a month. Hurricane Electric also lowered the additional charges on the Econo plan to only 5 cents/MB of traffic and $1/MB of disk space and increased the number of POP3 mailboxes from 21 to 26.

Every customer that takes advantage of the $59.95 Business Virtual Host at Hurricane Electric will benefit from the new rate schedule by receiving 50 GB of traffic and 500 MB of storage. Additional transfer charges have also been lowered on this plan to 3 cents/MB.

The VIP Virtual Host, which at $299.95 is a great plan for large business owners or websites that need a large allocation of storage and transfer, has been upgraded to include 100 GB of traffic and 1 GB of storage. Additional traffic charges have been lowered to only 2 cents/MB.

Every website hosted with Hurricane Electric, from the $9.95 Basic Virtual Host to the $299.95 VIP Virtual Host, runs in a full Unix development environment, and includes a SSL directory and a CGI-BIN directory, along with a multitude of other features.

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Hurricane Electric's virtual web hosting offers unparalleled service and guarantees that every website will perform optimally. Employing the latest hardware, a self-healing national backbone, and a knowledgeable technical support staff 24/7, Hurricane Electric provides all of their clients' with peace of mind.

Along with their extensive web hosting operation, Hurricane Electric also offers dedicated servers and colocation in their Silicon Valley facilities.

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