Hurricane Electric to host their first public LAN party, HurriQuake

Fremont, California - January 14, 2002 - Hurricane Electric, a leading business Technical Service Provider, will host their first public LAN party, HurriQuake, in February to promote gaming through high speed connections - and to have a little fun.

"Gaming is a way to socialize and to let off a little steam after the long work week," said Mike Leber, president of Hurricane Electric. "If games can be played on a fast network, such as Hurricane Electric's, it is faster and more exciting," he added.

As a service to the community, Hurricane Electric will provide gamers with internet access via their own national network, running Gigabit Ethernet and multiple OC-3's. Hurricane Electric will also provide attendees with pizza and coffee for the all night event.

Three tournaments for Quake, Counterstrike and Unreal Tournament will take place throughout the night. Winners will receive a Fry's Electronics gift certificate for their achievements. Other games to be played during HurriQuake include Starcraft and Red Alert 2.

The event will take place on Saturday, February 9, and will last a full 24 hours, ending at 1 p.m. Sunday, February 10. Gamers are encouraged to bring comfort items such as pillows and blankets, as Hurricane Electric will be providing tables and chairs for all that attend.

People as far away as Florida have already reserved seats for HurriQuake. To attend the party, please RSVP to before February 4 so that Hurricane Electric can establish an exact number. Unfortunately, anyone that does not RSVP before the 4th will not be let in.

LAN parties are overnight game playing marathons where people come together in a neutral location to compete against each other on a fast network.

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