Hurricane Electric Named One of the Largest Web Hosting Firms in the Bay Area by the Business Times

Fremont, California - January 14, 2002 - Hurricane Electric, a leading business Technical Service Provider, has been named one of the Bay Area's largest web hosting firms by the San Francisco Business Times. Hurricane Electric ranked third of the list with over 11,500 Bay Area customers.

"Hurricane Electric Internet Services prospered when competitors bottomed out in the last few years," said Viva Chan, research director for the Times.

Still a private company, Hurricane Electric overcame the odds in 2001 by relying on their strategic business plan and desire to serve their customers. In the "dot-com bomb", Hurricane Electric focused on their smart business plan rather than living the "build it and they will come" mantra.

"I see many of the regional players growing because most of them didn't spend billions on infrastructure hoping the payday would come," Director of Marketing for Hurricane Electric, Benny Ng, told the Times. "While many of the big-name providers went bankrupt, and some teeter on filing, other properly managed regional firms are reaping the rewards."

And Hurricane Electric did hit the jackpot by picking up clients that left bankrupt and cash-strapped firms. In 2001, Hurricane Electric's client base doubled.

While building a new facility in Fremont, CA to complement their existing San Jose facilities, their previous headquarter since 1994, Hurricane Electric added not only to their web hosting clientele, but also to their new services - dedicated servers and colocation.

Although offering much larger services, Hurricane Electric still remains equally focused on web hosting. With a recent decrease in web hosting rates to motivate small businesses and individuals to continue relying on Hurricane Electric for their internet needs, Hurricane Electric has reached nearly 50,000 webhosting customers globally.

In April of 2001, Hurricane Electric was also named the second largest web hosting company in the Silicon Valley by the San Jose Business Times.

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