Hurricane Electric's Martin Levy to Keynote Slovenian IPv6 Summit
Ljubljana, Slovenia- October 12, 2009 - Fremont, Calif-based Hurricane Electric, the world's leading IPv6-native Internet backbone and colocation provider, today announced that its Director of IPv6 Strategy, Martin Levy, will deliver the keynote address at the Slovenian IPv6 Summit on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The summit is being sponsored by the go6 Institute, a not-for-profit institution dedicated to pushing IPv6 deployment in Slovenia.

"Slovenia's IPv6 initiative has been very successful and is becoming a blue-print for IPv6 initiatives in other countries worldwide," said Martin Levy, Hurricane Electric's Director of IPv6 Strategy. "It's a great honor to address this group at their second IPv6 summit."

Hurricane Electric first deployed IPv6 on its global backbone in 2001, and the company now interconnects over 500 associated IPv6 backbones - nearly twice as many as its nearest rivals. Hurricane Electric is one of the few global Internet backbones that is IPv6 native and does not rely on internal tunnels for its IPv6 connectivity. IPv6 at Hurricane Electric is a core service and every customer is provided IPv6 connectivity as well as classic IPv4 connectivity.

In addition to offering enterprises free IPv6 certification, in July Hurricane Electric released an IPv4 depletion Application for the iPhone and Google Android platform and additional tools to educate CIOs and network administrators about the urgency of this transition.

About Hurricane Electric
Hurricane Electric is a leading Internet backbone and colocation provider specializing in colocation, dedicated servers, direct Internet connections and web hosting. Hurricane Electric operates its own global network, running multiple OC192s, OC48s and Gigabit Ethernet. President Mike Leber founded Hurricane Electric in a garage in 1994. Hurricane Electric now operates an international backbone network and owns several datacenters, including a new 200,000 square-foot Fremont 2 colocation facility.

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About go6 Institute
The go6 Institute is a not-for-profit institution whose mission is to create an open platform for knowledge and service exchange between its members, and to push IPv6 deployment in Slovenia. The go6 Institute is funded by members that consist of ISPs, content providers, HW vendors, as well as other industry stakeholders. In addition, the go6 Institute runs a v6 lab to test and certify HW and SW on IPv6. The go6 Institute works closely with the Slovenian government, and is currently co-authoring guidelines and a plan of action for IPv6 deployment with Slovenia's Ministry of Science and Technology.

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