Hurricane Electric Upgrades at Telehouse
Fremont, California - March 21, 2006 - Hurricane Electric, a leading Internet Backbone and Colocation Provider, announced today that it has increased the size of its connections at Telehouse New York.

Hurricane Electric upgraded its connection to the NYIIX exchange from a Gigabit Ethernet port to a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port, making it one of only a handful of networks that employ a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port to the NYIIX switch. The upgrade will allow Hurricane Electric to dramatically increase the amount of traffic it can handle over its network and will greatly increase its connectivity to the networks it peers with. Hurricane Electric customers will experience the benefits of this upgrade with increased capacity, more reliability, and faster throughput.

"This upgrade was necessitated by a large upswing in traffic growth over the last several months," said Mike Leber, Hurricane Electric president. "We are actively working on upgrading numerous exchange points to improve our network connectivity in the U.S. and around the world."

Hurricane Electric has been experiencing tremendous growth across its entire network and has been working to dramatically improve its network connectivity around the world. Just weeks ago Hurricane Electric was named one of the top ten Internet networks in the world by's Knodes Index, a list of the top ten networks in the world as measured by connectivity to the rest of the Internet. Hurricane Electric made its debut to The Knodes Index as a top ten Internet network in the world.

To celebrate the upgrades, Hurricane Electric is extending a special transit promotion, which will allow those who own their own AS number and address space to receive 100 Mbps free with the purchase of 100 Mbps or more via Gigabit Ethernet. With this promotion, it would cost just $2,000 for 200 Mbps burstable on a GigE interface. This special offer is available at ten locations in the United States: Switch and Data (PAIX) in Palo Alto, CA; Equinix in Ashburn, VA; Equinix in Chicago, IL; Equinix in Dallas, TX; Equinix in Los Angeles, CA; Equinix in San Jose, CA; Telehouse (NYIIX) in New York, NY; Telehouse (LAIIX) in Los Angeles, CA; Hurricane Electric in San Jose, CA; and Hurricane Electric in Fremont, CA. The offer is available at two locations in Europe: NIKHEF (AMS-IX/NL-ix) Amsterdam, NL and Telehouse (LINX) in London, UK.

Those interested in Hurricane Electric's transit promotion can sign up by emailing or by calling 510.580.4190.

About Hurricane Electric
Hurricane Electric is a leading Internet Backbone and Colocation Provider specializing in Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Direct Internet Connections, and Web Hosting. Hurricane Electric operates its own global network, running multiple OC192s, OC48s, and Gigabit Ethernet. For more information about Hurricane Electric, please visit

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